Pasta Ruin and Rabbit Chocolate

Evelyn Taocheng Wang

  • Medium:Ink and color on paper
  • Year:2021
  • Size:197×98cm


While traditional literati painting focuses on elegance by emphasizing the complementarity of poetry, calligraphy, painting and printing, the featured works from Evelyn Taocheng Wang focus on personal themes such as festivals, fashion and leisure by using visual appropriation and linguistic translation to reflect on the moral ethics of Chinese painting. Just as the artist has played a series of cool or feminine roles in her past cross-media works, she has also portrayed several humorous twists and turns in this exhibition that expose the hidden performativity of literati painting.

She juxtaposes the acquisition of rabbit-shaped chocolates with cheap perfumes in the journal-like narrative of Eastern Chocolates. Later, she revisits the experience in the letter correspondence found in Pasta Ruin and Rabbit Chocolate as well as in her hand scroll works. Multilingual texts appear repeatedly. Their presentation deviate slightly from formal usage but always remain appropriate. The shifts in tone and words carry a multitude of meanings, lost and found in translation.

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