Dark, Beyond Deep

Zhu Changquan

  • Medium:Digital simulation video;dual screen, dual channel
  • Year:2019-2020
  • Duration:17' 40"
  • Size:1920X1080pX2


In the work Deep to Dark, the artist creates a garden and uses it as a field for interpreting ideas. In the garden, symbolic and allegorical images such as apples, snakes, ravens and monkeys become cognitive references that function as guides. Narratives, actions or shifts of perspectives surrounding these references allow the viewing eyes to enter the garden as a field with different dimensions and perspectives to form cognition. Whether the work is a video or sculpture, the artist has embedded in them code-like information, which may take the form of symbols, stories, images, Morse code, or music scores. These pieces of information act as variables that affect the topological relationships within the entire garden.

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