I’m Disguised, Right in front of You

Zhu Changquan

  • Medium:Digital simulation video, dual channel
  • Year:2021
  • Duration:10' 00"
  • Size:3840X2160p HD


In I’m Disguised, Right in front of You, Zhu Changquan turns his attention to the evolutionary origin of human beings —monkeys, which appears more like an ultimate inquisition. But in fact, the “hundred-eyed monkey” in the film is a digital image, and in the material world, it is just a bit of data. It is replaceable, and it could have just as easily been an image of a stone, a leaf, a light, or no image at all. From another perspective, it actually simulates or reproduces a world where the boundaries between humans, objects (data), and divine beings are completely lost.

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