The Seasons Go Away

Kiki Smith

  • Medium:Fine Silver
  • Year:2014
  • Size:21.6x44.5x37.5cm


Kiki Smith is a pioneer of contemporary sculpture and printmaking, tirelessly exploring the emotions expressed by humans, animals, astral bodies, and nature. In this sculpture, the artist depicts hoarfrost in mesh panels made of fine silver. The panels intersect and overlap each other, with the rabbit on top connoting the return of spring and symbolizing the birth of new life in Western culture. The seemingly haphazardly staggered form of the sculpture mirrors the journey of the changing seasons in nature.

The handling and application of materials is Kiki Smith’s specialty. Like a “witch” with “hands working magic,” Kiki Smith boldly works with various materials in sculpture, photography, painting, printmaking and other media of art creation. With her unique artistic perspective and perception, precious silver, fragile glass, thin paper and other materials are transformed into magical effects in her hands, demonstrating her extraordinary understanding of the qualities of materials.

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