Duan Zhengqu

  • Medium:Gouache, paperboard
  • Year:2022
  • Size:42×46cm


For the works in this exhibition, artist Duan Zhengqu uses found cardboards and gouache paints, and deploys tempera painting techniques to depict the animals in his daily life. The artist has been painting in tempera since 2017, which continues his style of paper-based works. More importantly, he is also trying to cultivate his mind with meticulous brushstrokes and technical constraints in speed.

The original structure of the cardboard in his works breaks the flat planar space of the pictorial surface. We can describe Duan Zhengqu’s paintings as a decontextualized and de-spatialized way of painting, which allows for a multiplicity of meanings in the interpretation of the story while conjuring a relaxed yet dynamic mood. And this exploration of painterly language enables and extends even more so the uncertainty he intends to express.

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