Bird III

Wang Keping

  • Medium:Bronze with dark green patina
  • Year:1995
  • Size:68.5×30×16cm


Bronze sculptures are Wang Keping’s signature creations. The birds in the “Birds” series are presented in abstract form, and their natural and simple shapes reveal a sense of beauty and spirituality. The work is made of bronze instead of wood, making use of the unrivaled qualities of bronze to render the work more spectacular and sturdy. As the wood carving is turned into bronze, the details are reworked and given a distinctive luster, displaying a so-called complementarity of metal and wood, distilling the best of both mediums.

Wang Keping’s works are not only poetic, but also endowed with delicate touch and human warmth. Those seemingly simple lines, shapes and spatial configurations often reach the viewer’s heart and soul. At the same time, these sculptures establish a deep connection with nature, as the artist himself explains: “What I look for is to express a kind of spirited state, such as a bird with its beak open, or a tree branch embracing a bird. It is a relationship where the figurative and the abstract, the primitive and the modern, intermingle.”

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