Jing shi

Liang Ying

  • Medium:Color on paper
  • Year:2021
  • Size:214x139.5cm


The lion theme was a crucial new spiritual beginning for Liang Ying, who recognized the powerlessness of the individual in the face of the times while watching traditional Chinese lion dance programs on television. The seemingly majestic lion is in fact merely a piece of manipulated skin, which makes her wary of the power of the individual. In recent years, Liang Ying has begun to explore new ink and brush paradigms in her works. At the same time, through the expansion of her subject matter, she has delved into a series of new themes such as history and current affairs, legends and beliefs, collective and individual, fate and loneliness. This exploration has added more weight and substance to the light-hearted, humorous tone and formal beauty of her work.

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