Harry Totter Part 3, First Episode

Yan Cong

  • Medium:Oil pen on paper
  • Year:2022
  • Size:26.7x19.5cm


Launched in 2006, “The Harry Totter” is a light-hearted, non-goal-oriented comic book series by experimental artist Yan Cong, who is currently working on the series’ second and third installments. Before he begins to draw, Yan Cong does not write detailed scripts, sketch sub-scenes, or plot out the structure of the entire comic. He does not plan where the story begins or ends but follows his consciousness wherever it wanders and draws aimlessly. The characters in the comics are also doing unmotivated tasks or boring things.

Each time he creates, the artist envisions a rough plot in his head and starts drawing. He leaves behind the constraints of a complete narrative and embraces something else in the comic, such as the sense of time passing, the immersion of the environment, or the character’s sense of the environment, which may trigger his or her next action.

In this series, the characters are not accessories to storytelling. They are permitted to do nothing or can go anywhere in the comic. Detached from the storyline, these characters accompany the reader into the comic to experience something more subtle. The reader will not be driven by the storyline, because in “Harry Totter” there is only time. Time can begin anywhere, anytime and can also end anywhere, anytime.

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