A Sky Blue-glazed JUN Purple-splashed Vase

Northern Song Dynasty

  • Medium:Porcelain
  • Year:Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127)
  • Size:Height 29.30 cm, Rim Diameter 4.70 cm, Body Diameter 14.00 cm, Foot Diameter 6.50 cm


IPotted with a slightly flared mouth, a slender neck tapering downward to connect a sloping shoulder, and a bulging belly, the long-neck vase is supported on a foot ring and covered in sky blue glaze dripping down to the bottom; as the joint area between the belly and the foot holds thicker glaze, the foot ring becomes thinner at its edge. The interior of the foot ring is also applied with glaze, leaving the brown biscuit exposed at the foot bottom. The purple splashes achieve a beautiful contrast with its sky blue background, resembling clusters of evening cloud in the sky. “Earthworm trail marks” appear at the shoulder, like striking thunder, of vivid energy and dynamic.

According to Porcelain Wares in Study YIN LIU by XU Zhiheng in the Republic of China, “the glaze of JUN wares appears flat and smooth, yet with ‘tear stains’ dripping within, also known as ‘earthworm trail marks’ if curved.” Such marks are the result of the fusion process at high temperature: to make the milky glaze blend with each other and then to present a type of natural grain, which is quite unique in the Song Dynasty.

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