A Sky Blue-glazed JUN Alms Bowl

Northern Song Dynasty

  • Medium:Porcelain
  • Year:Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127)
  • Size:Height 15.80 cm, Rim Diameter 17.80 cm, Body Diameter 20.00 cm, Foot Diameter 7.70 cm


With a slightly tightened opening, a deep and fuller belly, a round bottom and foot ring, the alms bowl is applied with celadon glaze with delicate crackles below the inner rim, blending in vertically into the depth of the glaze; the bottom of the globular belly is unglazed, being embraced by layers of dripping glaze of different gradations. The exterior holds thicker glaze, running downwards to the foot; and the un-evenly covered foot presents a darker colour due to its brown biscuit; the inner bottom of the foot is partially applied with glaze, leaving a rugged edge to diminish its artificial neatness and cleanness, so as to achieve a pure and natural feeling.

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