A Sky Blue-glazed JUN Vase

Northern Song Dynasty

  • Medium:Porcelain
  • Year:Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127)
  • Size:Height 30.04 cm, Rim Diameter 4.50 cm, Body Diameter 14.50 cm, Foot Diameter 7.60 cm


This long-neck vase is potted with a slightly flared mouth, slender neck taking up half-length of the body, a sloping shoulder, a bulging belly and a foot ring at the bottom, with subtle variations: the neck slightly tapers down and connects to the sloping shoulder smoothly; the contour of the body is elegant and sturdy; the straight foot ring rises up to maintain the stability. The vase is built in perfect proportion, and is covered overall in sky blue glaze, resembling azure lake water of tranquility and pureness. The dark biscuit looms at the mouth to present a yellow tint. The foot ring is trimmed neatly and left unglazed to expose its brown biscuit; while the inner base is covered in glaze to echo the colour at the mouth.

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