A Celadon-glazed GUAN Handled Vase (Hu)

Southern Song Dynasty

  • Medium:Porcelain
  • Year:Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279)
  • Size:Height 22.50 cm, Rim Diameter 9.00 cm, Body Diameter 16.00 cm, Foot Diameter 9.60 cm


Of an oval section, the pear-shaped body rises to a straight neck with a flat rim, with sloping shoulders and a bulging belly, and is attached to a slightly flared pedestal foot ring. At each turning point of the arc along the neck, shoulders and belly, a fluted line runs horizontally around the body; the neck is flanked by a pair of tubular lug handles; ridges are arrayed vertically across the vase on four sides. It is covered overall in celadon glaze except for the base bottom, with double crackles (vertical crackles are in large flake, with light yellow tint; and oblique crackles are smaller, with clean and transparent texture); the bottom of the foot ring is thin and in iron black colour.

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