A Celadon-glazed Eight-faceted GUAN Bowl

Southern Song Dynasty

  • Medium:Porcelain
  • Year:Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279)
  • Size:Height 6.90 cm, Rim Diameter 18.30 cm, Foot Diameter 8.30 cm


Sublimely potted with eight facets, with open mouth and bulging body attached to a straight pedestal foot ring, and rims bending corresponding to eight ridges across the bowl, it has a globular interior and eight-faceted exterior with eight ridges running vertically to the pedestal foot, hence shaping an octagonal foot ring. The bowl is covered overall in celadon glaze of high density and thickness. Several large crackles appear with orange grains, commonly known as “eel blood” according to historical records. Glaze on mouth rim and the bottom of foot ring is thin and almost transparent to expose the greyish white biscuit; and the foot bottom is also coated with a layer of russet protective glaze. The whole body is concisely formed with sturdy structure and smooth silhouette.

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