A Celadon-glazed GE Tripod Incense Burner

Southern Song Dynasty

  • Medium:Porcelain
  • Year:Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279)
  • Size:Height 5.90 cm, Ear Distance 9.50 cm, Body Diameter 10.08 cm


Potted with a round opening, a plump rim attached with a pair of loop handles, the incense burner has a tightened neck, a compressed globular belly split into three bagshaped parts, which is supported on three spur feet. It is applied with celadon glaze on the exterior and interior, covered with varied crackles of “gold threads and iron lines”. The glaze coating presents a special oily texture and lustre. Its iron black biscuit is revealed at tips of feet, of high solidity and can make a crispy sound while being rapped.

Based on scientific analyses, the effect of “gold threads and iron lines”, the most distinguished feature of GE wares, are achieved deliberately by craftsmen: to colour the porcelain ware with natural vegetable dyes and to bake them in the kiln at low temperature for several times; moreover, due to a long collection history, and natural crackles in which the patina of oxidation seeps, then such effect shall be achieved.

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