A White-glazed DING “Dragon” Ewer with Bas-relief of Lotus Petals

Northern Song Dynasty

  • Medium:Porcelain
  • Year:Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127)
  • Size:Height 16.20 cm, Rim Diameter 18.80 cm, Body Diameter 14.50 cm, Foot Diameter 10.08 cm Height 19.00 cm, Rim Diameter 4.30 cm, Body Diameter 14.80 cm, Foot Diameter 8.50 cm


With a globular body, and perfectly matched lid and opening, the ewer rises to a sloping shoulder and a slender straight neck to which a spout and a curved handle are attached respectively; its lid is shaped with straight and wide edging, a vault-style cover with a fire ball-shaped pearl on the top, resembling the Buddhist pagoda. It has a bulging belly, a flat bottom, and is supported on a slightly splayed foot ring. A decorative bas-relief of eight lotus petals are carved around the shoulder; inside those petals, round lotus seeds are incised and leaf veins are carved on the outside; the spout is slightly curved and sculpted in the shape of dragon head, with upper lip curled up, mouth widely opened, tongue stuck out, rounded eyes, straight nose, two ears inclined and two horns stretching backwards. The curved handle is attached to the unadorned neck and shoulder, carved with contour lines and embossed interlocked floral pattern. The belly is also carved with eight lotus petals incised with contour lines and veins to echo the design on the shoulder. It is covered in white glaze, leaving its white biscuit exposed at foot bottom.

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