A White-glazed DING Pot with Bas-relief of Lotus Petals and a bud-shaped Knob (Seal Mark: Guan)

Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127)

  • Object Type:CERAMICS
  • Medium:Porcelain
  • Year:Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127)
  • Size:Height 14cm, Rim Diameter 7cm, Body Diameter 14cm, Foot Diameter 8cm


With a globular body and a matching lid, the pot is intact as a whole. The lid, decorated with a wavy edge, and bulged in the centre with carvings of bas-relief of double-layered lotus petals and a calyx on top as the knob, has an inner joint ring to match the opening of the pot. The pot has a flared mouth and straight neck, an everted shoulder, a bulging belly, tapering downward till the flat bottom and the foot ring. A bas-relief of peony flowers are decorated around the shoulder above two rings; while bas-relief of three-layered lotus petals are carved on the belly with vivid veins and details. It is covered overall in white glaze, leaving its white biscuit exposed at the foot bottom and carved with a seal of “GUAN” in running script.

From the late Tang Dynasty to the Jin Dynasty, porcelain wares from kiln DING were all marked with carving seals of various kinds among which, the seal of “GUAN” started to prevail from the late Tang Dynasty to the early Song Dynasty, hence representing the highest quality of porcelain wares from the kiln DING.

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