Still Life with Mirrors, Containers, Honesty and Fruit,

Piet Mondrian

  • Medium:Oil on canvas
  • Year:1905


The Dutch-born Piet Mondrian was a pioneer of the 20th-century abstractionist movement and the founder of De Stijl. Deeply influenced by the 17th-century style of the Dutch Golden Age, Mondrian encountered Impressionism, Symbolism and Expressionism early in his artistic career and began to experiment with light and shadow effects. In the painting, the contrast between the highlights of bottles and cans reflected by the mirror and the reflections of the objects themselves demonstrates the artist’s breadth of realistic rendering and meticulous observation. A bunch of honesty, associated with prosperity and wealth in Europe, is glistening in the vases like silver coins, attesting to the far-reaching influences of Dutch Golden Age elements on Mondrian’s creations.

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