A Way in Untilled

Pierre Huyghe

  • Medium:Film, HD video, color, sounds
  • Year:2012
  • Duration:14min


A Way in Untilled depicts Huyghe’s environment created in the compost of Kassel’s park, Germany. The once disregarded area of construction debris was transformed by adding other living organisms and inanimate objects. In this situation a fluorescent-painted female dog is seen weaning a puppy, a colony of bees obscures the head of a female nude statue and pollinates medicinal plants, an uprooted tree once planted by the late German artist Joseph Beuys is eaten by ants. What occurs is unpredictable and indifferent to human presence. Over time, elements, species and environments grow, modify, interact or collapse, creating new antagonisms, associations, hospitalities, and hostilities. The camera captures this milieu and the unfolding events at a different scale, sometimes beyond human perception.

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