Narcisses Blancs, Jacinthes et Tulipes

Henri Fantin-Latour

  • Medium:Oil on canvas
  • Year:1864


Known as “the visual poet of flowers,” Henri Fantin-Latour was an important figure in the development of French art in the late 19th century. He rose to fame first in England and then in Paris for his particularly refined floral works. This painting, created in 1864, depicts a bouquet of flowers in a vase against a backdrop of gray tones often found in classical paintings. Fantin-Latour used simple life painting composition and techniques along with a refreshingly unassuming color palette. The flowers are elegantly poised, and the clear, rounded glass vase highlights his skillful realistic rendering. Yet the pictorial surface displays both Romantic and Impressionist characteristics. Fantin-Latour’s floral works not only took his reputation far, wide, and overseas. They also gave him a deeper understanding of the principles of harmonious composition.

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