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1. Free Entry Annual Exhibitions: As a member of the Deji Art Museum, you will be given free entry to a range of exhibitions throughout the year, starting from when your membership becomes active. Members must book visits and enter the relevant booking code provided before being granted entry to any exhibition.

2. Free Entry for a Friend: Members are allowed to bring one guest with them free of charge on the day of their visit.

3. Special Exhibition Discount: Members get to enjoy 20% off the original ticket price of special exhibitions. 



1.Priority booking for membership activities.

2.Priority booking for art and cultural events such as Deji Art Museum forums, opening reception for exhibitions, and public education program. Members can enjoy one-off, free of charge events.

3.Members can take advantage of one-off, free of charge exhibition tours (booking required).

You are invited to join the Member of Durge Art Museum and enjoy the art lifestyle of "free exhibition".
Membership program · Comprehensive upgrade
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1. Free annual regular exhibition: Members can enjoy free annual regular exhibition. Within 365 days from the activation date, please make an appointment for "Visit time" before the exhibition and enter the exhibition immediately with the membership reservation code.
2. Free travel with one person per day: When visiting regular exhibitions, members can bring their companions (only one person per day);
3. Exclusive discount for special exhibition tickets: Members can enjoy 20% discount for special exhibition tickets.
Please look forward to more rich interests:
1. Members' exciting activities are reported first;
2. Members have priority in registering for high-quality cultural activities such as lectures and forums, opening cocktail parties and public courses, and have the opportunity to enjoy a free experience;
3, dedicated tour guide professional explanation;
4. During the period of membership, members can enjoy one free professional tour service (advance booking is required).