Quantum Memories Probability

Refik Anadol

  • Medium:Video (color, sound)
  • Year:2021
  • Duration:16min, loop


Technological and digital advancements of the past century could as well be defined by humanity’s eagerness to make machines go to places that humans could not go, including the spaces inside our minds and the non-spaces of our un- or sub-conscious acts. Quantum Memories Probability exhibits arresting visuals and colors that speculate the probability of reaching invisible spaces. They are composed in collaboration with a generative algorithm enabled by artificial intelligence (AI) and quantum computing, a new form of computing that exploits the unusual physics of the subatomic world. This procedure turns the visual data that flows around us into an artwork representative of our collective and digitized memories of nature. This work encourages the viewer to imagine the potential of computing technology for the future of art, design, and architecture.

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